What We Do

We are passionate about making people look and feel beautiful. 

Beautiful ball gowns in a variety of designs are available in our store, from size 4 to size 30. The boutique will only have one color and one dress design, however we can send you the dress in the size and color of your choice within ten days. 

The Dress Perfect Boutique website have a more extensive range of dresses and suits from our international couture designers. We wish we had everything in stock!

If you require more than three gowns at once, kindly get in touch with us so that we can give you a further discount.

Dressed for success


Each Mrs. & Ms. Aotearoa Candidate was able to choose their own colour outfit for the first dance sequence, and they all looked stunning.

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Perfect Dress


A slanted hem line was the style theme. Each garment was chosen to highlight the best qualities of each candidate.

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Perfect Performance


The dresses boosted their confidence which impacted their performance. What a show!

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